General Questions

What is Cosplay Photo Contests?

Cosplay Photo Contests combines the love of cosplay with the experience of social sharing. Read more about Cosplay Photo Contests here!

Do people enjoy this experience?

In a single word, YES! But that undervalues the experience. People, especially people in Cosplay, LOVE to get their picture made. If you bring our booth to your event, it will be a hit, and make your party something they remember, complete with an online gallery, amazing backgrounds, and physical prints.

Is this just for Nerds?

No! In fact, even the Non-Nerdy population enjoys getting their picture taken in front of the green screen and getting their picture placed in front of an amazing background.

Contest Questions

Why did the Number of Votes for my Photo Decrease?

At Cosplayphotocontests.com, we strive to ensure fairness in all of our voting contests by eliminating fake users. Our email software reports back to us any fake, spam, or invalid email addresses used at registration. We delete users and votes generated from these emails from our system.

I won! How do I get my Prize?

Send an email to photos@cosplayphotocontests.com or contact us  with your mailing address.

We will ship it to you at our cost.

Can I Sponsor a Contest?

Sure! Contact Us and we’ll get started!

Do I need to Pay money to Enter a Contest?

No, you don’t. Entering our contests is free. The only thing you pay for is our optional background exchanges, prints, and for any swag you may order with your image.

we even cover shipping for prizes!

Event Questions

How much space do you require?

Our photo booth requires an 10′ x 10′ space with a three-prong outlet anywhere within 25 feet.

Can we Book you on Holidays?

Cosplay Photo Contests is available to book our kiosk every day of the year. However, there is an additional charge on holidays, depending on the holiday. See our Pricing Page for more information.

Can we Book you for Outdoor Events?

Because we have stringent requirements for lighting and to keep our kiosk cool, our system is not currently set-up for outdoor use.

How far can you travel?

Currently, we only do events in Arizona, but can do events state-wide. We are located in Litchfield Park, AZ. If your event is more than a 100 mile round trip, we will charge $.50/mile to help cover the cost of gas.

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