Are you a Browncoat? Do you like to dress up like a Big Gorram Hero and show off your Jayne Hat? Do you have a Very Favorite Gun?
This month’s online contest is for you and your Crew to put on your “Pretty Floral Bonnet” and be Big Gorram heroes.

The above image must be displayed in your entry. Download Print-ready version Here.


No Contestants to display.

The general rules for this contest follow the rules for the website, The following rules are contest-specific rules that apply to this contest.

 1. How to Enter the Browncoat Cosplay Contest.

Entering into the Browncoat Cosplay Contest is free.
This contest is conducted entirely online. If you already have an account, simply upload your Browncoat Cosplay picture to your account. If you do not, you can create an account here.

2. How Winners are Chosen

There are three prize levels for the Browncoat Contest, listed here below:

Grand Prize: This winner will be chosen by popular vote.
Winner by Staff Pick: The staff of will select a winner out of the all the entrants.
Best Crew Photo: Winner of the Best Crew photo must have Two or more people in the picture, and will be determined by mix of Voting and staff pick.


3. Entry Requirements:

All photo entries must include a picture of Browncoat Cosplayer, and can include multiple people in one picture.

No purchases are necessary, but all images must include the print out image supplied HERE within the photo. (Image can be printed out, displayed on a phone screen or computer screen, but must be included).

Entries must be submitted by contestants 18 or older. The prize for Best Group Photo will be given to the the person with the email address attached to the winning picture.

Voting period begins immediately after entry and continues until the end of the contest, April 31st at 5 PM. Winners will be notified by email address listed on their entry within 24 hours of the end of the contest.

Entrants will be able to share their photo online directly through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Voters must register an account on and may vote one time every 24 hours.

To ensure fairness, all photos must contain the printout found HERE

browncoat contest

This can be either printed or displayed in a digital format (Phone, Tablet, computer screen)
For full rules and conditions, please see the Terms and Conditions located Here

4. Prizes

To Be Announced



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