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Cosplayphotocontests.com is a website devoted to helping you, the amateur cosplayer, show off your epic cosplay.

Either through our monthly online contests or our Event contests, Cosplayphotocontests.com wants to help you show off your cosplay to the entire world!

Take your picture at our Cosplay Photo Kiosk Green Screen and Change your background to look amazing!

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We hold monthly contests with amazing prizes: both online and at events.

Take your picture at our Cosplay Photo Kiosk Green Screen and Change your background to look amazing!

  • Pose in Front of the Green Screen!
  • Make your Best Action Hero/Villain Pose and Smile for the Camera!
  • Our Kiosk Attendants will make sure you look your best!
  • Now, you can Buy a New Background and Enter the Contest!

Next, we can change your background from our Green Screen to an EPIC Background that suits your tastes and Cosplay.

Want to stand in a Spaceship Hallway?
Be a Zombie in a Graveyard?
Or have your Princess be in “Another Castle? ”

We can do that for you!

Exciting Online Social Experience!

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  • Enter your Photo!
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  • Order prints, mugs, pictures and more!

Cosplay Photo Contests is owned and operated by Land of the Nerds Media, LLC, a a small, Veteran-owned media company that started as a out as a way to promote positive fandom experiences. With Land of the Nerds, you can find fun, entertaining and educational videos about Science, but also commentaries on 1980s cartoons in our web series “Nerd Beards” and fascinating reviews, interviews and more.

Land of the Nerds exists to preserve the fandoms of the past, and link them together with future fans in an entertaining format.

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Pirate Carrrds

Land of the Nerds Blog!

- Moon Sedai

The world is a buzz with the recent release of Wonder Woman (2017), and since it’s been a while since I’ve written, I’ve decided to write just a little bit about my love of the character and answer the questions “Why did we need a Wonder Woman Movie?” So, I make no secret of my ...

- Imperator Furiosa

The first Guardians movie was something special. I called that film the younger generation’s Star Wars. That meant any film that followed was going to have tough shoes to fill. The film is really just meant to be a setup film for Avengers 3 and not much else beyond that. So what we got delivered ...

- Captain Blackheart

Check out this amazing short film by Milpool Films. This inspired comedy film is total Nerds Fun! Produced for the Almost Famous Film Festival 72 Hour Film Challenge, Office Batman tells the story of the dorky Frank as he tries to survive an onslaught of pranks from his coworkers throughout the day. Awards: Audience Award for Favorite ...